This file defines properties for the track selector.



"name": "MyTrack",

"description": "Track template",

"tags" : ["test track"],

"geotags": ["lat", "lon"],

"country": "",

"city": "",

"length": "0m",

"width": "0m-0m",

"pitboxes": "2",

"run": "Test!"


    • name: Visible name of the track

    • description: Shown when hovering with the mouse

    • tags: Used for category filtering

    • geotags: Unknown. Maybe used in a later version to show the location of the track on a world map

    • country: Used for category filtering

    • city: Unknown

    • length: Track length

    • width: Width of the lane

    • pitboxes: Count of available pitboxes. Sets limit for AI selection

    • run: Shown when hovering with the mouse. No other change observed