Kn5 Files

File format overview

A .kn5 file contains 3 main sections

    • Textures

    • Materials

    • Nodes


Textures are simple file blobs with a name.


Materials are defined by multiple properties like what shader to use ("system\shaders") and properties for the selected shader.

They also contain a list of texture names as input for the shader.


Nodes define most of the game objects. There are three main node types:

    • Base node: Only has a name and a transform matrix

    • Mesh node: Defines a mesh with vertices, indices, a single material and some other drawing optimization values

    • Skinned mesh node: Mostly like a normal mesh but also contains bone definitions.

Base nodes are sometimes only containers and sometimes game relevant locations.

A .kn5 file has at least a root node that contains every other node. Every node has a list of children, but only base nodes are allowed to have them.

Base nodes with special names like "AC_START_0" define the location and orientation for certain game objects. This one would place the start location for car 1.