Blender Kn5 Exporter

Warning: This version only works for older versions of Blender and is not supported anymore.

For newer versions of Blender take a look at this project:


    • File format version 5

    • Blender mesh objects as kn5 geometry

    • Blender image textures as kn5 textures

    • Set material and object settings with JSON

    • Texture mapping with UV maps or flat mapping

    • Multiple materials per object

Current Bugs & Limitations

    • Wrong values for tangent space (needed for normal mapping)

    • No support for skinned meshes (needed for animations)

    • No support for AI

    • Only geometry of mesh objects will be exported

    • Only textures of type "Image or Movie" supported


This addon is made for the latest Blender version (currently 2.76), others may work but are not supported


  1. Download

  2. Start Blender

  3. File -> User Preferences -> Addons

  4. Click "Install from File..." and select the downloaded zip file

    1. Enable addon "Assetto Corsa (.kn5)"


    1. File -> Export -> Assetto Corsa (.kn5)

    2. Select target folder to save the track. Make sure that a valid settings.json file exists.

    3. Copy the created file to the target track folder in your Assetto Corsa install folder.

Example contains a finished track with support for

    • 2 start places and pit boxes (AI will retire after a few seconds)

    • Modes supported: Practice, Time Attrack, Hotlap, Quick Race

    • Time splits

    • Two different surface types (Asphalt, grass)

    • Walls

    • Map overview