Tracks are defined by multiple files which have their own folder in "content\tracks".
The main .kn5 file must have the same name as the track folder name. So a track folder "mytrack" must contain a file named "mytrack.kn5".

The following tree links to the documentation of some of the many possible files. This is not a complete list.

ai/ #Should contain some kind of navigation mesh so that the AI knows what part of the track is driveable #Should contain a navigation mesh so that the game knows what part of the track is the pit lane
cameras.ini #Defines the list of available TV Cameras available in replay mode. Multiple files can exist where each of them defines a single set
crew.ini #Defines on which side of the car the lolipop guy stands. 1 = left , -1 = right
lighting.ini #Defines the direction of the sun
map.ini #Defines the transformation for the map overview image
surfaces.ini #Defines a list of surface types and the physical properties of these types
preview.png #This image will be shown on the map selection screen
outline.png #This image should contain a small track layout that will be laid over the preview image
ui_track.json #This file defines options for the track selector like the name of the track
map.png #The map overview image shown as the track map
mytrack.kn5 #The main track file containing textures, materials and geometry