• Fixed problem with missing textures in newer Blender versions
  • Raised required Blender version to 2.71


  • Integrate node, material and texture settings into the Blender UI and make the settings.json optional
  • Use ksPerPixel, ksDiffuse, ksAmbient and txDiffuse as default material settings
  • Node/Material names in settings.json allows wildcards ( * ) and multiple entries separated by a vertical bar ( | )
  • Node/Material sections can override only a subset of all properties


  • Support for DDS files added (not converted to PNG)
  • Fix crash when exporting meshes with more than 65k vertices


  • Performance optimization for texture and mesh export


  • Ignore materials and textures with names starting with __
  • Fix checking of allowed object names when using multiple digits
  • Fix crash when exporting objects without any materials


  • Use the correct texture slot for flat UV mapping
  • Warning for materials with no active textures
  • Throw an error when a object uses a material slot with no material assigned


  • Allow multiple materials per object
  • Allow unlimited number of vertices per object
  • Revert changes to use vertex normals again
  • Better support for parent -> child object relations


  • New report window at the end with a list of warnings and errors
  • Ignore unused textures and materials
  • More error checks for common mistakes
  • Warnings for unused and unsafe objects
  • Update of sample track with a wall
  • Use face normals instead of vertex normals